All our songs are written and first sung accompanied by an acoustic guitar only. We grew up singing songs we love next to campfires. First in our parents homes, later between hills, forests, meadows and rivers. The starry skies shine brighter if met by the beauty of self-made music.

We wanted to make this experience possible with our songs.

In reference to our debut album “Drunk Men Look At A Thistle”, a homage to a famous Scottish poem, our songbook is called:

“Drunk Men Sing At A Campfire”

What’s in the songbook and who made it so beautiful?

Our songbook features all the songs from our releases from 2019 to 2021 including everything from “Drunk Men Look At A Thistle”, our releases with Leipzig based producer, artist and friend Til Kolare as well as songs we are playing at our concert that have not been recorded yet.

“Drunk Men Sing At A Campfire” was created in cooperation with graphic artist Marianne Zaubitzer from Halle (Instagram: @xzaubermausx ) who created wonderfully vivid line drawings and collages based on band photos and her own analogue photo material.

We’ve chosen to produce a limited number of 50 copies with Halle based printing company Impress Druckerei using selected materials. The sturdy grey cardboard cover is hand-sealed with the “Thistle-Campfire” motive (also illustrated by Marianne Zaubitzer) making each copy a unique exemplar.

Can I Own This?


Songbook price is 25€
(17 Songs, 12 line drawings, 12 collages)
Concept and Layout by Myths of a Thistle and Marianne Zaubitzer
Illustrations by Marianne Zaubitzer

CD “Drunk Men Look At A Thistle” is 10€
(10 album songs + “Come Cry With Me” & “Friend” with Til Kolare)
Concept and Layout by Myths of a Thistle, Cover photo by Paul Günther

Bundle price (Songbook + CD “Drunk Men Look At A Thistle”) is 30€

If you want to order a copy please contact us via social media or mythsofathistle {at} gmail {dot} com

Beside the more complex studio versions we release, to this day we love to play our concerts as acoustically as possible. Here’s a live acoustic version of Friend: